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National Flag

The national flag of Angola is split horizontally into an upper red half;and a lower back half. The red represents the blood shed by Angolans during their independence struggles, on the other half the color black represents the continent of Africa. The cogwheel in the middle; long with the yellow machete and star, represents the workers. The flags symbols were adopted while Angola had the Marxist government.

Coat of Arms

The coat arms of Angola reflects the recent past of the nation. There is an Marxist imagery found on the arms coats, expanded from what is on the national flag. On the center there is a machete and a hoe, that represents the revolution through which the nation gained independence and importance of agricultural workers. On the top both emblems;are the star which is found in many socialist images. The star represents congress. The rising sun represents a new beginning. The emblems are all enclosed within a circle formed by a half cogwheel, which represents the industrial workers, and half vine of coffee leaves which, represents the coffee industry.

At the bottom is an open book, which represents education with a banner that reads "Republic of Angola " at the bottom in Portuguese.


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