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Why Invest In Angola?

Since signing the latest peace agreement in early 2002, Angola has experienced 6 years of sustained stability and growth that has been critical to its development and growth. In the past three years, the country has embarked on an ambitions reconstruction program. Luanda, the capital of Angola, has characteristics of a city with a great development potential. The Government of Angola (GoA) views civil construction as the country's top priority within this new socio-economic context. Several buildings are being built in various points of the capital. Many of the provinces outside of Luanda are also developing through expanding necessary infrastructure to better connect the country.

The Kwanza, Angolan's currency, has recently been gaining strength increasing an appetite for goods and services within the country. Political and economic stability has opened new and excellent opportunities for investment. In brief, all social, economic and political aspects are favorable to progress. This progress is illustrated by the country's upcoming parliamentary elections occurring September 5, 2008.



2014 Missão Empresarial com Foco no Sector de Petróleo e Gás

2014 Trade Mission Focused on the Oil and Gas Sector

5 à 9 de Maio de 2014
May 5 - 9, 2014
Houston, Texas USA




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