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Who Are We?

The U.S.-Angola Chamber of Commerce is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of trade and investment between the United States and Angola.

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Our Mission

The Chamber believes that Angola has the potential to be one of Africa's most prosperous countries. The Chamber's goal is to put the private sector at the forefront of Angola's development.

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The USACC has a membership of over ninety corporations, associations, interested individuals, and non-profit organizations. For the list of members, click here.

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Welcome to U.S Angolan Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of CommerceOn behalf of the U.S. - Angola Chamber of Commerce (USACC), it is my pleasure to acquaint you with the Chamber and its role in engaging U.S. and Angolan investors alike. At a time in which all government’s resources and efforts are geared towards reconstruction and development initiatives, Angola offers prosperous business opportunities for Angolan and American firms interested in investing in Angola.

The latest issue of the TIME Magazine stated, “Africa offers the world’s highest rate of return on investment,” and I can assure you that your investment in Angola is susceptible to such high returns. According to the Angolan Minister of Industry, the list of investment opportunities in Angola include infrastructure, mining, agriculture, industry, services in the energy sector, paper pulp, school equipment, electrical equipment, glass production and steel production.

The United States and Angola share important economic interests, and the commitment of the Chamber in promoting American business ventures in Angola, and vice-versa, has contributed significantly to the economic development and stability of Angola. The Chamber is the sole organization devoted exclusively to the promotion of U.S. trade and investment in Angola, and as such it offers immense benefits to its members.

The Chamber offers its members accurate and timely assessments of the political and economic developments in the United States and Angola, regulatory updates and promotes networking opportunities with senior Angolan officials visiting the United States. In addition, the Chamber organizes trade missions, which is a sponsored opportunity for our members to travel to Angola and discover new opportunities.  Please contact our Washington office at (202) 857-0789 or browse this site, to familiarize you with some of our more recent activities.  To apply, click Membership Application.


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